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About Us
Our lives would never be the same. A few years later, my records that none in five States could touch, had been sent to Central Shre
dding and Destroyed.
1987: The Theologian
He twists my arm to get involved, informing me of what "Attorneys can do to a family".
1997: AVLIMITED - Part One
Elegant and and termed second to another then bookseller Amazon and above our the next competitor Nolo. Long in use before the Internet of everyday life was even realized.
1999: The Politicized
He informs us that he was no longer practicing medicine as of midnight last night. He then engages steps to protect me, thus us. Informing me that I am a "Man Of Character." We, not realizing the world had been turned upside down.
2013: Troubles Brewing
A Company is using unique descriptors in their year long pursuit, as not to divulge the who in their pursuit of obtaining the program I had created. When the meeting becomes violent, I send a message: "I created the program and it cannot fall into the hands of any jackleggers. Matters of Extreme National Security."
2013: The Christian Savant
My Uncle is killed at a Nursing home shortly thereafter. During his funeral, his great-nephew would deliver his daughter with the assistance of a nurse, while other nurses frantically run up and down the halls paging the "Abandoning Doctor". From 2013 forward; Medical & Financial Pressure on us increase Ten Fold.
2014: The Find A Way
Barred in America, we study ADRSUPPORT.ORG and find our hope lies in Europe. We arrive in Munich and our friends are concerned, asking how did we find this doctor? Who is he? They go with us and are greatly impressed with the doctor. Later on, an excited waitress informs us that Moscow Channel One had been performing interviews everywhere, even at our hotel. Some in the very chair Anthony had sat in for dinner. Our friends take us away the next day as planned.
2015: New Beginnings
We arrive back and are told the political world was unhinged. Domestics need to know my outcome of my surgery as it complicates their strategies. When Valerie is asked, she holds fast. Days later, she is Poisoned.
2016: Harsh Realities
her medical records and friends can attest, Valerie was a very healthy, line dancing, mountain climbing lady. However, the prescription was doing its work where she would face shocking realties to come. Whereas, the human mind could scarcely comprehend. 
2017: How Could This Have Been Allowed?
A Minnesota PAC-TEL Retiree provides us a News Article and its Business Chart that illustrates WV had a proximate 3.9 per 100,000 overdose deaths in 1999, whereas it rose to 57.8 by 2017. Strategic Planner's Illicit drug trade had overshot projections. So much so, that the old man asks; What happened to West Virginia?
2017: The Theologian's Daughter
We call a few days after our arrival and our friend is confused. Why are we here? Something is up, and to protect them we do not meet. My instincts are proven correct when Domestics pull out all stops, even date-matching my wife's November 7, 2017 surgery. Non-Western Domestics and their Partners are not not hiding it anymore. 
2017: Insanities & Paranoia's Culminate
Once back, I realize we were not meant to return. As two days after my wife's November 7, 2017 surgery, American Domestics had engaged lucrative cross-continental plans for WV which is termed as the China Deal. A deal that centers on a US State whose borders are ninety minutes from DC and three hours from Canada. A few months later, in February of 2018, the scope wrought on Valerie is revealed and the China Deal perpetrators are allowed to run away.
2019: In Her Mother's Footsteps - Part One
We would have to deal with increasing militaristic-style strategies toward toward our discretization and ruination, along with efforts toward further intellectual thefts. We are also asked a question which brings back stark realizations an memories of "A Fraudulent Death Certificate."
2019: In Her Mother's Footsteps - Part Two
Scenarios, which had stun peers as to the why of it all in regard to a great career with extreme roadblocks which I'd overcome again and again. Whereas, the words of a Federal Investigator comes to light, who had termed me a Ghost With Extreme Credibility.
2019: Is There No Justice?
It's hard to understand normal human beings, which don't harm anybody - citizens any community should be proud of, taxpayers, family caring, cannot keep away and suffer under corruption of politics and criminal interests. Is There No Justice?
2020: A Rediscovery: AVLIMITED Part II
We'd help others reach their dreams. However, we would also draw ire from some when they couldn't understand. Now many will ask: Why didn't we sell? We were happy and didn't want our lives upended. With that said, it would be the Worst Possible Decision anyone could ever make.
Ambassador Of Goodwill
Niagara Falls and Toronto would end our International Events, as two months later my wife is given a prescription that would devastate her for life. Nevertheless, be it Canada, America or Europe, Valerie was the Best Ambassador of Goodwill any could have hoped for.
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