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Valerie & Anthony


Valerie was a traditional stay-at-home Mom while her children were in their formative years. Never one to sit idle, she was a parent volunteer program coordinator at a local village school system from elementary through high school. She coached Special Olympics for six years and served two years as secretary for a local City's Annual Festival. She was a volunteer at the Salvation Army and an Cosmetic Representative for eight years. She also ran her own small mail order business, whereas her last position being an Office Administrator at Ameriprise Financial.

World Class Instructors allowed Anthony and others to broaden their horizons during a crucial time during technological changes. Individuals from Armstrong World Industries, USAF, National Credit Union, TASC, US Army Corp Of Engineers, GSA, Saudi Aramco, Unocal, Jet Propulsion Lab, Hughes Networks, Department of Environmental Protection, Newitt Associates,  Lockheed Martin, Intellisys, US Joints Chief Of Staff, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, GE Capital, Celestica, US Air Force Pentagon, NASA, MITRE, Bombardier, Webcom, McMasters University, Bell Sygna, US Fire Administration, and others.

1994 - 1998

Though many situations can be illustrated,
I will use a communal gathering centering around President Clinton's May 22, 1997 visit to West Virginia. Major and regional news networks were there, Politicians and the crème de la crème were there. I was also there, my telecommunications job finished, great food and all I had to do was just sit back and take it all in. Alas, this was not to be, as I would stumble into the middle of abandoned technology peripherals about two minutes before President Clinton was presented. A frantic call and pleas follow. I'm now it for all to see. During his initial presentation the President looks over at me, and as someone had remarked this was the first Internet Broadcast of a Presidential Town Hall Meeting; The first what? I was thrust into the moment and was absolutely alone, but not for long; A lovely ABC News Correspondent took immediate note and plants herself directly next to me. If something went wrong, I would be blamed. If all went well, only a few would know; not much upside.

The Town Hall meeting ends and the news media aggressively shifts their attention to me. Whereas, the President had mentioned Al Gore using email, they look to me for more, and they swarm. They push their microphones ever closer, trying to get ahead of one another. My chair tips backwards and I wave them off, however one lone newscaster stays and civilly asks if the video conferencing equipment was the Internet? After informing her that it wasn't, she asks if she could use for her news report on the Internet. She does and the
public could only confuse the Video Conferencing Equipment as the Internet, but not for long, as the match had been lit.

Opportunities 1994 - 1998

At a time of changing technologies Bell Atlantic / Verizon invested in expanding the horizons a few of their employees. My part in regard to the new tech and governmental style entities that were locating to the Clarksburg - Morgantown, WV I-79 Tech corridor: The area of ordained growth.

Though around $100,000 was invested in me alone, I would spend evenings studying and locating further reference materials. I would push myself even further at home, accomplished with a wife's allowances and 36 hour weekends. A symbiotic connection made between mind and machine, whereas hours pass as minutes.

A Non-Listed PHD would inform me that I had broken then Industry records.


Much Ado 1994 - 1998

      A later position in Verizon IT Special Services afforded educational pursuits at Learning Tree International and Telcordia Technologies (Eriksson) Attending branch locations in the cities of Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Rockville and Silver Springs Maryland, Reston Virginia, Lisle Illinois, Washington DC and Toronto Canada.

ome illustrations of the times;
A student at the Reston Town Center stating it was an exciting time and great things were coming out of of West Virginia. I would also be asked to address other class members (sometimes desperate) questions concerning business aspects relative to the then burgeoning Internet. In Canada, I would be informed that I was in the the top four percent in the world within my field/s. Hughes Networks would send a large portfolio to my home. Informed I was one of the most credentialed persons within Bell Atlantic / Verizon. A man innocuously stress tests me at Tysons Corner before stating he never had encountered someone like me, as the man kept throwing out salaries. Stating he had clients that wanted me yesterday, whereas I later wondered if such was really a chance encounter at all.

A Fulfilling Time & Decisions

orporately, it was a fulfilling time until I
started experimenting with "talking over the internet." Choppy, less then walkie-talkie quality communications that would be later referred to as VOIP. A game changer that was only going to end our company model. Shortly thereafter, I would meet with the CEO of Bell Atlantic / Verizon along with about 60 others. Informing him of the above, along with a few other perceptions.

In any regard; Bell / Verizon aggressively turned their technological innovations away from West Virginia to more lucrative markets. Their focus being Wireless and FIOS. To stay relevant, I was told that I would have to move from West Virginia; If I didn't my background would fade, become outdated and forgotten.
We stayed.

As to the image on the left. Minus, one corporate entity, who sent a portfolio to my home in hopes of acquiring me, I would literally astound the others with literal last minute interventions and would also change one's corporate technology manual. Thus, void the two week out of state course to be approved for Bell Atlantic's then Federal Systems Designation.

We Stayed: 1994 - 1998

My wife and I stayed and created a website at a time when the Internet of "everyday life" was still far off. She incorporating new processes that would allow her products to arrive in the customer's hands by the next day, or the day after. Unheard of concepts that other companies were driven mad over. This cannot be! Calls coming in wanting our company, then me, if they could've reached through the phone they would have. A Venture Capitalist Firm did their research and wanted to purchase it. Though flattering, it was my wife's endeavor. It was new, it was fun and it brought her joy, so I turned them down.

We would also freely share information until some became frantic. So, I would ham-string our site and stop taking calls. 1999 would then arrive, and from that point forward our lives would never be the same. A few years later, in December of 2002, I was informed that my records that none in five States could touch, were sent to Central Shredding and destroyed. Thus, I had an opportunity few would ever experience in life
. That of being erased.

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