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Efforts Endings & Beginnings North Carolina Keeneland - Lexington, Ky  

Endings & Beginnings...

By the Fall of 2014, Valerie had mailed a copy of her "America the Beautiful Book & DVD Set" to our new friends in Europe, which mirrored sets which had sent to Europe of our earlier trips to Italy, Austria, Hungary and America's Route 66.

All of which drew a very appreciative response in return: "Hello, Valerie, hello, Anthony and family...We have received the package .... It is a miraculous recollection of a wonderful holiday with you"... The flag which I have sent is a rare relic of a once existing state, that does not exist anymore".

As for us: By the Spring of 2015, Valerie and I had decided to sever our ancestral ties to West Virginia and move to the foot hills of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains in Western North Carolina. An area, whereas a large multi-faceted vintage car population exists. During the Summer of 2015, we packed up the rest of our belongings for our move. (The sixth picture is of our 1956 Imperial. It was the last item to set course for our new home).


New Beginnings...

In 2015
, Valerie and I found a home in
an area that was adjacent to Caroleen, Bostic and Ellenboro North Carolina. A pleasant coincidence, as Valerie's mother's birth name and place of birth was Carol Lee Bostic, Ellenboro, WV.

By 2016,
Valerie had put great efforts into the outside and inside of our new home, and it showed.


Our New Lives...

The grandkids would arrive for visits. During one visit we took them to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville.

A few months later Valerie would have surgery on her right foot, a surgery she had held off for far too long, as she was focused on getting our new home up to par.


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