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Sunday May 18, 2016; Our Taxi Driver took us to the Hotel Theresentor in Straubing, whereas our hotel room had special beds that were designed for the Neurosurgeon's patients.

At a next door restaurant an excited waitress would inform us that Moscow Channel One, who had been in Straubing during the prior week, was doing a story on Anthony's Neurosurgeon. They carried out interviews in Straubing, our hotel, the restaurant we were in and at along with the operative hosptial and with Bogen citizenry.

What a small world. When we look back at our earlier trips to Eastern Europe, we remember our friend Dirk's view that we would be taken to areas where few Americans had been before. (Actually, our 1959 American Imperial was placed next to and compared against a Russian Sedan).

We met people of sincere generosity and religious spirit. All of which had an admiration for America, that few Americans realize. (Inset images from 2008).

For Dinner, we found a restaurant directly next to our hotel. We ordered two dishes. Mine came as ordered, however Anthony's was a dish we had never seen before. A white sausage in a bowl of broth, weiswurst. He was so hungry, but could not eat that which he did not know. So, I ate it and it was delicious. (Later on, our friends made a special meal of weiswurst and then showed him the proper way to prepare it and eat it.)

Our last and only full day in Straubing. We ate on the opposite side of the street next to our hotel. Very beautiful.

Later in the evening we informed the Hotel that we would be checking out early the following morning. They were confused, as their records had us booked for 20 days.
Tuesday May 20th 2014; We checked out of our hotel. Our friends arrived by 9:00 A.M and we were off. We took a ferry ride over the Danube (Donau) on our way south, to save time.
Later in the evening we had dinner. Hungarian wine and a special beer to clean out Anthony's stomach....
Dirk's vintage car mechanic.
June 10, 2014; I arranged to have a wheel chair ready at the Munich airport for our flight back home. Anthony was hesitant at first, then resigned himself to it. When we landed in Washington D.C, an attendant was already waiting and wheeled us quickly along, very efficient.
About five minutes out from our home area in West Virginia, we hit a major storm that bucked the small commuter plane. Anthony had to lift his torso up out of his seat to protect his corseted low back surgical area from the turbulent environment. In the process, he used both hands and his right wrist took a beating. A situation, termed Shakespearian by Anthony, would see an increase in right wrist pain from that point forward.
Anthony's medicine dosage and potency was cut in half. Though his extensive nerve damage did result in the continued need of a cane, there was no wheel chair in our future. An unexpected blessing was the fact that he had regained his high school height back.

In any regard, I had to prepare for new guests that would arrive at our home in the Fall. A couple, who once lived behind the Berlin Wall.
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