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Monday May 12; we are up by 6:30 A.M,. We had breakfast at Pension Schreiber before our scheduled 8:30 arrival at KlinkBogen.

KlinkBogen: The nurse was looking for us upon our arrival and got us acclimated to all. After a Bone Density Test, an EKG and Blood Work, the neurosurgeon arrived. We liked him immediately. He was very approachable, friendly and explained the surgery completely.

"Thank You Lord for your goodness and your faithfulness and we give you all praise and glory, as I have no doubt you will work wonders through this man".


Tuesday May 13, 2016; At 8:00 A.M three nurses came in and wheeled Anthony off to surgery.

I then called Dirk and Gretel who met me out front. We went to the local Catholic church called Pilgrimage Church of Maria Ascension.

The three of us lit a candle for Anthony and wrote our prayers in a book. Dirk prayed a very special prayer aloud and lit a candle; I was moved to tears.

We went back to the hospital at 11:00 A.M and Anthony was still in surgery. At 2:00 P.M we were told that he was out of surgery, stable and in ICU.

I was able to go to ICU by 3:00 P.M. Anthony's nurse was great. The doctor arrived about an hour later. He would inform us that one of our records was wrong. Anthony's disc was totally gone. The L5 vertebra had worn into the sacrum and the nerve damage was far worse then expected. Nevertheless, he was confident Anthony would benefit from the procedure.

A German surgical report would be provided, along with an English translation. Dirk would tell us the English translation could not describe the scope of it all; It was as if the doctor rebuilt Frankenstein.
Thursday May 15, 2014. A follow up physician arrived and would examine Anthony and go over some items with us.
Anthony with his American Automobile Club of America (AACA) shirt and a Pizza. Life's looking better.
Waiting for his post surgical X-Ray.

Once back in America, some radiologists would take follow-up X-Rays with oohs and aahs.
This particular world map noted patients from around the world. America, Canada, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, India, along with many other areas, which littered the board.

During Anthony's stay, there were patients from Dubai and Russia. During a follow up visit, I noted new patients from Russia, Saudi Arabia and a patient from America that had just received three ADR's in her mid-back.

He is looking better.
A German New Testament Bible
A visit to the church we prayed in while Anthony was in surgery. This time, he was in his grey AACA shirt.

Anthony's recent wrist surgery entailed the stitching his tendons back to the bone. It was relatively new and an unsupported fall or misstep could reinjure it. So, I made sure that he would periodically place a brace on his right wrist as a precautionary measure. 
Saturday May 17,2014; Our last full day at KlinikBogen. The Special Taxi driver, that works with the Neurosurgeon and his patients, phoned the nurse's station to speak with us. Our arranged pickup tomorrow, Sunday May 18, will take us to Hotel Theresientor (Theresa's Gate) in Straubing. Everything is so efficient.

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