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Philippi and Weston Blue Ridge Automobiles Descendants & The Curious Tygart Lake


West Virginia, 2007- The New Tygart Flyer, located in Elkins West Virginia, is part of the Scenic West Virginia Rail System.


The 4-sided clock at the train depot.

Anthony making his way to the train station to board the Tygart Flyer, in Elkins, West Virginia.

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The Tygart Flyer

Inside the train getting ready to start our journey! Left to right: Dirk, Gretel, Anthony, and Valerie.

Let the journey begin!

Monongahela National Forest in east central West Virginia. The central 350,000-acre portion of this wild mountain sanctuary is one of the most remote and inaccessible places remaining east of the Mississippi River. Indeed, many who visit this wonderful wilderness are surprised at its close proximity to so much of the population, being less than a days drive from most of the large east-coast cities.

Cutting directly through the center of this wilderness are the four great trains of the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad. With departures from different towns and small cities along their route, these trains transport you into some of the best scenery this side of the Rockies.


Their unique collection of trains roll through deep canyons featuring narrow passages beside sheer rock walls with vivid views of unspoiled mountains.

Along the way the trains travel beside three scenic cascading rivers, climb to over 4,000 feet in elevation, burrow under mighty Cheat Mountain (via an 1,800 foot tunnel featuring an S curve of the track inside), and negotiate the two sharpest mainline railroad curves in the U.S.!

The Cheat River.

Stopping to visit the waterfalls.

What a view!

The waterfalls of the Cheat River.

Holger Bensinger enjoying the beauty of the Cheat River waterfalls.

The end of our journey with the Tygart Flyer.


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